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About Us

EPA – a 40 m2 cottage that has 2 bedrooms, a living room with a kitchen, and a WC with a shower room. In addition, a hot tub is available. Home best for 2 couples, 2 adults +2 kids, or 4 friends

Meet the hosts


Cleanliness and organization enthusiast

” I like to travel and relax actively myself. In winter, it’s snowboarding or cross-country skiing on a nearby ski track along the sea or in the forest, while in summer, swimming, boating as well as taking a leisurely walk to the local beach. I take care of cleanliness and organization things in the cottage.”


Technical support expert

  “Carnikava has fallen into my heart. I love football and I’m in the FK PPK team right now. I spend my spare time with my family on walks around the beautiful Carnikava seaside park. Here’s everything to have a good time. I am technical support for EPA lodge matters.”



Energetic soul

“I love animals and love gymnastics, dancing, TV and all kinds of YouTube and tiktok stuff. I helped decorate a fir-tree at the EPA house over Christmas. It’s cosy there and I love it a lot.”

Contact us!

We are in the excellent, beautiful Carnikava - the famous Lamprey Kingdom 😉
Adazu county, Carnikava, Lasu Street 41

Mob.: +371 26698877