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1. While at the EPA holiday home and its grounds, the guest agrees to the internal rules of procedure and commits to adhere to them.

2. The “EPA” holiday home and its territory shall observe the cleanliness, procedures, as well as the rules of procedure laid down in the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. Do not pollute premises and territory.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited indoors and on the terrace. Outside, smoking is allowed within 10 m of the building. Cigarette butts are only allowed to be thrown in its intended place, with careful pre-extinguishing.

4. It is prohibited to burn candles and store combustible materials indoors.

5. Fire is not permitted in the EPA area.

6. EPA property shall be treated with care, equipment and equipment shall be used according to their functions, fire safety regulations shall be observed. In cases where property damage, technical damage, emergencies (water leakage, ignition, glass damage, etc.) are detected, the owner must be informed immediately.

6.1 Only containers suitable for use on induction cookers shall be permitted for use. Hot pots and pans should be placed on special pallets. It is prohibited to leave the stove on without supervision, as well as to place fire resistant materials on a hot stove.

7. Staying in the grounds of the EPA holiday lodge, the guest pledges not to make a noise or have a loud celebration after 23:00 p.m.

8. At the end of the tenancy, the guest must vacate the lodge by handing over the keys and leased inventory.

9. The guest shall be liable for the damage caused to the accommodation and its inventory, covering the losses incurred in full.

10. When temporarily leaving the lodge, water taps must be closed, light and electrical equipment switched off. The windows and doors must be closed.

10.1 If a key or gate console is lost, the guest must compensate for the cost of making new keys or consoles.

11. Check-in at place is from 15:00. Sign out by 11:00 (please match time beforehand).

Landlord for communication:26698877, 26378048